Respect and Passion, For the Earth, and for Nature

Casca Wines defines itself for the respect and passion for nature, always in search of the best grapes and to produce the best wines.

Tanins… or the team’s “mid field player”

"Let’s uncover one more of the secrets of wine? Today I want to talk about the spine of a red wine, the tannins."

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The best grapes, the best flavors.

the best grapes, the best flavors

We take the principles of sustainability and organic farming seriously in order to make the most of our land. We work closely with the producers, understand the traditions and respect the land itself, which makes the difference when tasting a wine.

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Monte Cascas - Our Wines
Monte Cascas - Our Wines

Our Wines Monte Cascas

”Grape Grower Character” It all started in the most peculiar micro-region of Portugal, Colares. where they growth and learned to admire a wine with character. From there they took this strategy to the rest of the country: search for the best grapes, understand the local producer’s traditions and with them, produce the best wine possible.

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Cabo da Roca - Our Wines
Cabo da Roca - Our Wines

Our Wines Cabo da Roca

”Coastal Wines” The famous Portuguese poet, Luís de Camões, wrote in the XVI century, this cape is: “Where land ends and sea begins” Right there, in the Sintra mountain range, the most westerly point of the continent, where valiant wine producers have been challenging the Atlantic winds for more than 900 years, there, Hélder Cunha decided to produce truly unique wines. In terms of history and in terms of quality.

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Bote - Our Wines
Bote - Our Wines

Our Wines Bote

”Sailing Boat” During our journeys around Portugal’s regions, we focus to produce wines that, in a simple and uncompromised way, transmit the character of the grapes produced in each of the regions. These are wines with a ‘Grape’ character - the grapes and where they are grown will define the wine. Unoaked, unpretentious and easy to drink, they will fulfil the taste of day-to-day drinking.

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Cascas - Our Wines
Cascas - Our Wines

Our Wines Cascas

Winemaker Selection HORECA Exclusive Unoaked or short aging wines, characterized by the expression of fruit that symbolize our spirit of challenge. These wines are the fruit of the region where they are produced the and grapes and where they grow define the wine. The regional nature is the basis of the range selection Winemaker, being the true expression of our winemaking.

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1808 Portugal - Our Wines
1808 Portugal - Our Wines

Our Wines 1808 Portugal

1808 PORTUGAL Evolutionary Winemaker ”Passionate search for terroirs” For over ten years our evolution has been distinguished by careful targeted choices that mark our company and the wines we craft. 1808 Portugal is born as tribute to the winery in which we produce the flagship wine of the company. 1808 Portugal brand represents the outcome of a new vision of Portugal as a wine country bringing together tradition and innovation. It reflects...

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