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Casca Wines

Casca Wines

Without land nor wineries, we cross mountains and valleys in search of the best grapes in each of Portugal’s wine regions. We seek out the most dedicated producers to the land and most love for the grapes. We learn from them and together we combine our modern know-how, technology and design. These exceptional Portuguese people are the character of our wines.

Casca Wines is a project of winemakers and wine experts who decided to create a high quality Portuguese wine brand. A project that only works with the best grapes and tries to renew Portugal’s unique tradition in winemaking. It all started in Colares, micro-region.

In the Sintra mountain range, the westernmost point of Continental Europe, where valiant wine producers have been challenging the Atlantic winds for more than 900 years. There, Hélder Cunha decided to produce truly unique wines, uniting both history and quality.