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Biodynamic Wines and the Influence of the Moon 14 Feb '19

During a significant period of my teenagehood, I’ve shared with my two brothers and a couple of friends a demanding and fascinating hobby, like any other ocean sport. In spearfishing, we excel in attention, precision, and dedication. And one of the aspects that always fascinated me in this activity was the way the moon influences the tides… To a point that it would be responsible for an unforgettable diving day or to only see as far as the end of our noses beneath the water.

It’s not a novelty that this influence of the moon, expressed so well over the tides, also reflects on other aspects of our daily lives. In grape growing and in winemaking, its effect is also felt.

In order to understand what I’m talking about, let’s go back to History. Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925), the Austrian scientist and philosopher, concluded, way before his peers, that if Man did not create the needed respect for the ecosystem, it would quickly bring destruction upon it. And so it developed and objective thinking of the spiritual world, connecting it to the physical one. This biodynamic thought was developed in several subjects, such as education and agriculture.

In a lecture series in 1924, Rudolph Steiner gave the theoretical and practical foundations about what it would come to be the biodynamic method. But the philosopher went beyond what is currently the concern – the respect for Earth – pointing towards the differences between the organic farming method and the interaction between earth and the cosmos. In fact, there is a scientific and tangible background for its teachings, which today and used and developed by many followers. This is the case of tea’s based blends vine treatment that is also considered for homeopathy medicine, among others. But there are also other esoteric practices that are unable to prove, in part because we’re unable to understand the impact of the cosmos in terrain.

The most important note is that biodynamics intends to create auto-sufficient ecosystems which promote the balance between fauna and flora. It stimulates the creation of closed ecosystems, in Estates where no external substances are introduced, synthesized or not, resulting in self-sustainable systems, guided by Man, but regulated by the cosmos’ calendar.

What are biodynamic wines? Are wines in which the producer seeks to have the least intervention, or a minimal one, with the maximum respect. These wines are special since their original and their quality is supposed to be very high, as every process requires dedication, experience, and refinement. Are wines where the producer shows its respect for nature and where the cosmo and, of course, the Moon also makes decisions.

Hélder Cunha
The wine’s my life