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The benefits of wine on sexuality 28 Mar '22

The benefits of wine on sexuality

Anyone passionate about the world of wine will not hesitate to say that the benefits of wine on sexuality are many and obvious. Wine and sex are so important to our happiness - we think! - that this alone is enough to make wine an aphrodisiac, from the first moment. Wine is certainly a great conversation starter and a glass or two of wine always improves the flow of any meeting. But is there scientific evidence about the benefits of wine on sexuality?

The aphrodisiac power of wine

The aphrodisiac power of wine correlates with the same reasons that lead to think that chocolate increases sexual libido. It has been suggested the presence of amines, organic compounds present in wine in very small amounts, will make the wine an aphrodisiac.

Many analyzes of red wines indicate that wines with higher levels of amines are those produced from natural yeasts, which carry out the so-called malolactic fermentation, or those that age in barrels and are not refined or filtered. This suggests that wines with less intervention have higher amounts of these amines, namely tyramine, spermidine, putrescine, seratonin and histamine, the latter standing out for being correlated with increased desire to have sex, as well as with the fact of making us more alert and even with weight loss.

As there is no beauty without but, these amines are stimulants also related to inflammation and hypertension, in people sensitive to the same. That is, as with everything in life, moderation is always a good solution. And if you still don't know, know that a few more glasses of wine reduce the ability to perform well in sex, which only reinforces the importance of drinking in moderation.

Why wine is considered the most romantic drink in the world

In my opinion, wine is the most romantic drink in the world and has always been present throughout the history of Man. The ability of wine, with just one glass, to immediately improve and facilitate any conversation and thus “help” even the most inhibited, makes this drink number one in romanticism.

Wine is so intricate in society that when we want to impress someone, whether it's a friend, partner or someone we haven't met yet, it's the drink that is the first choice. In addition to being a conversation starter, it calls for sharing, tasting, knowledge and pleasure.

This is also related to the way Man has always taken care of everything that surrounds wine and today's society, which values ​​and respects the work of those who produce, valuing all the history that is associated with each bottle.


Red wine and sexual libido

Alcohol in small amounts stimulates the part of the brain that regulates basic human body functions such as body temperature, hunger, hormone levels and, of course, sex drive.

Wine and libido were, in 2009, the subject of study by a group of Italian researchers who, in a group of 800 Italian women, tried to correlate red wine with libido. And the result, although it needs further research, clarified that women who drink red wine have a greater sexual desire than women who drink other types of alcohol or those who do not drink at all.


Is champagne with strawberries an aphrodisiac?

Strawberries are certainly one of the fruits that we associate with romanticism and that is associated with an increase in libido.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is said to have shed tears in the form of strawberries when she learned of the death of her love, Adonis. With this mythological charge, strawberries are one of the best aphrodisiacs and make a perfect marriage with sparkling wines that, in turn, release any tension at the end of the first glass.

Wines and aromas that excite women and men

In recent years, many studies have been carried out on which aromas activate libido. Much remains to be seen, but it is suggested that many of the aromas that excite us exist in wines.

The aromas in wines that can increase women's sexual desire appear to be musky, earthy, woody, licorice and cherry aromas. For men, the aromas seem to be lavender, caramel, buttery, orange, licorice, spice and vanilla.

Given this, I cannot fail to propose some suggestions for wines produced by Casca Wines in which you can find some of these aromas:

For women, I suggest Monte Cascas Grande Reserva Alentejano Red, as it has earthy aromas and wood aging, still with nuances of very ripe cherries, or Cabo da Roca Reserva Especial Bairrada DOC, which has musky nuances, earthy aromas and licorice.

For men, I suggest Monte Cascas Reserva Douro Tinto, as it has aromas of caramel and vanilla from the wooden stage, with buttery and spicy nuances, or the 1808 Varietal Expression Touriga Nacional, with aromas of orange blossom and lavender and buttery nuances and caramel from the wooden stage.

I would like to emphasize that all this will also be linked to our olfactory memories, which transport us back in time and take us to remarkable moments in our lives. If, in your case, there was an occasion when it was champagne with strawberries or Monte Cascas Single Vineyard Fernão Pires Branco Tejo DOC from Casca Wines that marked your craziest night of sex, then these are the aromas that most arouse desire. sexual.

Let yourself be carried away by the romanticism of wine, but without falling into excess. Drink in moderation, your love life will thank you.

Hélder Cunha

Hélder Cunha

My life is wine



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