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Moscatel Graúdo

Original of the Middle East, the Moscatel variety will have been brought to Portugal at the time of the Roman Empire. Nowadays, there are three varieties of Moscatel in Portugal. The more cultivated is Moscatel of Setúbal, in the area of Península of Setúbal. The mild climate allows the ideal maturation for this variety. Besides the famous Moscatel of Setúbal, this variety is also used to enrich scents in other white wines. It is also considered a primary variety because it marks the palate and perfumes the wines.

Wines with Moscatel Graúdo Variety

White Wine Regional Península de Setúbal - Cabo da Roca

Regional Península de Setúbal White Wine

  • Brand: Cabo da Roca
  • Range: Winemaker’s Selection
  • Region: Península de Setúbal
  • Type: White
  • Harvest: 2019