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Távora - Varosa

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Távora - Varosa

One of the most mountainous regions of Portugal near the foothills of the Serra da Nave, in the Beira Alta region, is the region of Tavora-Varosa. Bounded on the north by the the Douro and Dão in the south, this small DOC has a very important role in the sparkling wines of the country.

Both Tavora and Varosa rivers are tributaries of the Douro from the left margin. These rivers run through valleys at high altitudes and pave the way for grape growers to plant their vineyards from above 500 meters and up to 900 meters high.

These valleys are of transitional soils, like granites of the Dão and the slate from the Douro.

The altitude at which the vineyards and the moderately rich and deep soils result in balanced ripe grapes, help in retaining acidity while the  sugars levels don't "climb" to normal levels in one of the hottest countries in Europe, Portugal.

Wines from Távora - Varosa